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Radiology Workflow Software

Bill Watts - August 02, 2014

Advanced Radiology, a radiology services firm headquartered in Connecticut, receives many referrals from primary care physicians for a variety of patient needs. In the past, these referrals were submitted mainly via fax machine or phone call, organized in large stacks on various desks. As Advanced Radiology grew, increasing its number of offices and doctors, this referral process became cumbersome, inefficient, and unmanageable. Doctors needed a better way to track incoming requests, and management needed a better way to oversee and optimize efficiency. Advanced Radiology needed software to track incoming referrals in an organized and efficient manner, to ensure that customers were provided with the best possible service.

WJWatts Consulting created a workflow software system for Advanced Radiology. Primary care physicians now submit referrals via this website. Requests are tracked internally to ensure correct and timely processing. A workflow that was once impossible to supervise had become fluid system, complimenting and encouraging the business growth at Advanced Radiology.

Along with a new workflow software system, WJWatts Consulting created a timeclock system for Advanced Radiology employees to track business-development hours. This system allows management to determine which activities are best for marketing and to reward employees appropriately for this work.

These custom software systems allowed Advanced Radiology to significantly improve their internal business processes and offer better services to their clients, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. Since the software was custom-built for Advanced Radiology, it matched their exact operations and needs, empowering employees and management to continue excellent business growth.