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WJWatts Consulting

A custom software and project management firm in Cincinnati, Ohio

What Makes Us Special?

WJWatts Consulting delivers high-quality software via excellent execution using industry-leading technologies, as do many others. What differentiates us in our offerings?

  • Personal interaction - in-person meetings at the client's office.
  • Commitment and consistency - working with the same person for the entire project - requirements gathering, documentation, development, testing, training, long-term support - instead of churning through a variety of salespeople, software developers, and support staff.
  • Joy - we love software engineering, making software for people to use.
  • Localism - software made locally in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Relationship - getting to know the client and their business situation, so that we can understand their needs and build the software accordingly.
  • Integrity - you fully own and possess your software.

Custom Software Solutions

When a business settles and uses the 'industry standard' software, they miss out on the opportunity to innovate, surpass their competitors, and provide better offerings to their customers. Businesses often treat software like a commodity, indistinguishable from other options. In reality, software can be a significant benefit or hindrance to its users, empowering or limiting success.

Software can be a major differentiator, giving a business a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Software shouldn't just allow employees to do their jobs; it should facilitate and promote job excellence.

Businesses often develop strong plans and initiatives, only to be held back by the software they use. Don't let your software limit your success. Build the software that will take you to the next level. Grow your business through custom software solutions.