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Custom Software


Using the latest technologies, custom-built applications can be developed in a fast and efficient manner. These applications can be developed in individual units, meaning that a large project can be divided into smaller phases. Businesses can see quick results in each piece of functionality without making a large financial investment. Many scenarios occur where custom software is desperatly needed.

For example:

  • A marketing team may want to implement a new sales policy
  • An operations staff may need to utilize a new workflow
  • A customer relations team may have new information to track about each business contact


Businesses frequently search for software to meet all their needs. The reality is that such software simply does not exist. Each business has a unique set of needs and requirements, meaning that no pre-packaged solution will be the perfect solution. A custom-built software package allows a business to clearly define the software that fits its business model. An alternative to "off-the-shelf" software, custom software can be designed and built to the exact needs of the business. NOTE: With off-the-shelf software, configuration is easy but customization is terrible.

Enhanced Software


With an existing software solution in place, businesses often need to add features and functionality that currently don't exist in that software. Many software systems allow for add-on features to be integrated into their basic system. These custom add-ons can improve existing software and give business the flexibility that they need.


Instead of building an entire custom software package, many off-the-shelf software products offer the basic functionality of a system. These software products, such as Ektron or Sitefinity, provide the core components to a project, allowing for easier development of further functionality through customization.

Data Analysis

Business Data

The actual data of a business can be one of its most-overlooked assets. Too often, businesses do not know how to learn from the data they have collected. With useful data reports, all levels of employees can make informed decisions based on past performance and metrics.


Business Intelligence solutions can be built around a large-scale data store, pulling from many separate data systems. A reporting solution can congregate and present this data in a clear and useful format.


Development Tools

Modern development tools allow custom software to be constructed quickly, efficiently, and precisely. Development projects can be executed and implemented in a short time-frame, allowing a business to easily interface with its new software tools.


Standard development technologies include:

  • Microsoft .Net, including the MVC Framework, a software language framework perfect for quick and effective software development
  • Microsoft SQL Server, a leader in the database industry and often the best solution for storing large amounts of data
  • Microsoft Power BI, offering businesses a simple path to establishing a useful and powerful reporting system
  • Ektron, iMIS, Personify, Sitefinity, and many more