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Wordy Score Keeper

Bill Watts - December 12, 2016

Games are a common activity at family and social gatherings. Whether playing a quick round of Scrabble(™), re-stacking the fallen Jenga(™) blocks, or shuffling a deck of cards, the strategy and competition of games are a favorite way to pass the time and interact with others.

While many aspects of modern life are now experienced via electronics and screens, many games are still played in-person without using any electronics. If a group of people are playing a game together in the same room, then the participants are usually looking at the same gameboard or playing from an actual deck of cards.

In these non-electronic situations, if the game involves a score, one of the players is usually also the score keeper. This role often falls to the person most comfortable with quick math, wielding a trusty pencil and hopefully adding honestly. While the gameplay itself benefits greatly from in-person interactions, the scorekeeping is an ancillary responsibility that most participants would prefer to avoid.

Wordy Score Keeper keeps track of the game score for you, so that players can focus on their strategy and not worry about the math. A user enters data as the game is in progress, and Wordy keeps track of the score for you.

Original inspiration for this software:
1) Word Freak
2) I'm often the person that keeps score when I play games with other people.

More recently, the person that won the French Scrabble championship doesn't speak French.