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Queen City YP Accolades

Jenny Watts - April 17, 2018

This past October, I was privileged to be a part of the inaugural Queen City Young Professional Accolades. This award program was created by young professionals from a number of Fortune 500 companies in the greater Cincinnati area to recognize and celebrate young talent in the region. The awards consisted of six categories: Innovator, Humanitarian, Culture Driver, Resilient, Risk Taker, and All Encompassing. Over 100 individuals were nominated, representing 20 plus companies.

I was honored as a finalist in the Resilient category. This category recognized individuals who overcame failure to achieve success. In my nomination application, my nominator spoke about my experience during an extensive downsizing campaign and how my job was eliminated. He went on to explain how I handled that.

"Rather than accept defeat, Jenny completely changed her career path. She became certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and took over as Business Manager at WJWatts Consulting. Jenny's leadership and guidance has allowed the company to thrive, in ways it never could before, including significantly improved stability, revenue, operations, and client growth. She has also become extremely active in the Cincinnati business community, participating in several leadership and development programs including C-Change through the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and BOLD (Board Orientation Leadership Development) through United Way, sharing her skills and positive attitude with others.

Jenny has moved past her obstacles and become a successful businesswoman without the benefit of familiar territory. After growing up in West Virginia and graduating from West Virginia University, Jenny moved to Cincinnati as a young adult. She doesn't have any relatives or connections in Cincinnati, other than what she has built for herself in her time here, making the path she forged even more impressive.

Jenny's negative experience taught her the importance of appreciating employees, good leadership, and overcoming failure in order to achieve success. Her ability to do this, all on her own without the assistance of others, shows how she deserves the Queen City YPA award."

Although I wasn't selected as the winner, I was truly honored to be recognized amongst such an amazing group of talented individuals.