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Taste and Oktoberfest

Bill Watts - September 20, 2017

The Downtown Council, a division of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, hosts two major downtown events every year, the Taste Of Cincinnati and Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. These events bring hundreds of thousands of people downtown, showcasing food, beverages, music, entertainment, and much more that Cincinnati has to offer. The Downtown Council needed a way to market these events, announce important information, and communicate to attendees.

WJWatts Consulting created new websites for these events, utilizing Responsive Design in the website code. Responsive Design means that the website functions perfectly on any-sized device, from mobile phones to large computer monitors. Real-time analytics reported that during the event, mobile was more than 80% of total traffic, with average web traffic at 73% mobile and 6% tablet. People want to know more about these events, and they are using their phones to learn that information. The Downtown Council previously offered a 'mobile app', but this app wasn't actually downloaded by many people, and supporting multiple codebases was cumbersome.

Taste of Cincinnati

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

In addition to the public-facing websites, WJWatts Consulting also created a website that vendors could use to apply to be in these events, including extensive forms where vendors could provide their booth details.