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JobManager Software

Bill Watts - June 07, 2019

Clarke Contractors, a building restoration company in Cincinnati, needed a software program to manage its many building restoration projects. In the past, these projects were tracked in an Excel spreadsheet and intra-office memos. As the business grew, a better management method was clearly needed. Clarke looked at many popular software products but was significantly disappointed by the functionality and price tag of each. Instead of settling for a poor option, Clarke decided to custom-build a software program that would meet its exact needs. JobManager, the result of that custom software project, became a cornerstone of the Clarke Contractors operation and an integral part of its continued business success.

JobManager is a custom web-based software program that does exactly what Clarke needs it do to. Some of the main functionality of JobManager includes:

  1. Monitoring the Clarke projects that are pending, in progress, and completed, including financial information.
  2. Assigning each project to a specific individual at Clarke, so that each person knows what they are responsible for.
  3. Recording all emails, pictures, meetings, and documents related to each project.
  4. Tracking all status updates for the each project, valuable for a historical review of any work.

JobManager has been a phenomenal software program for Clarke Contractors. It has allowed supervisors to ensure that all projects are handled correctly. Employees have been empowered and strengthened by JobManager instead of limited by an inferior software system. Since Clarke started using JobManager in 2009, the business itself has continued to grow at a very fast pace. The JobManager software has followed right along with this growth, and new features have been added as needed. Clarke Contractors greatly enjoys using JobManager, and WJWatts Consulting looks forward to continuing its work with Clarke on this great project.